MSL-1 #21 Military Green - Selvedge

UBi-IND makes high quality denim jeans for the athletic body. If you do a narrower leg opening, but still have larger thighs, and want true-to-size waist, the Modern Slims are right for you. Great if you're cycling, or running and still want to a pair of crisp jeans.

We went deep into the archives for the Military Green Modern Slim Leg Jeans. These jeans take a note from vintage workwear, back when working with your hands was way cooler than taking pictures of your hands. They come with a full thigh and narrow opening, so those of you who work on your feet crafting and sculpting and doing whatever gnarly thing that you do, these will fit like a second skin. However work looks like for you, these selvedge jeans will last. Made with White Oak Cone Denim, best in the country. Made in the USA, best in the world.



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