MSL-1 #30 Ivory - Natural Selvedge

For larger body types, size matters. So we made the  Modern Slim Leg jeans for guys who want a slimmer leg fit, but still need to accommodate a muscular thighs, and true-to-size waist. These jeans give you plenty of room to ‘breathe,' so don't have to cram your larger frame into an ill-fitting silhouette. 

We don’t always do things dark when it comes to denim. Our Rinse Wash Natural Selvedge Denim jeans were made for everyone who thinks drinking Sangria in the middle of the afternoon is a good look. The 12.7 oz MSL Naturals are great for summer/spring or if you live in California where it’s literally always summer. Plus we specialize in breathable jeans if you catch our drift. As always, UBi-IND is made in America with some help from our good friends at White Oak Cone Mills.


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