MSL-1 #41 Raw Wash - Black Selvedge

These raw (unwashed) black selvedge jeans are a cut above the other black jeans. What sets them a part from is the incorporation of recycled plastic cafeteria trays into the fabric. All our denim is made with Cone White Oak Mills top-notch denim, but the added component of a recyclable product not only enhances the quality and character of the jeans, it adds a sustainability element to the production. It's one way we contribute to sourcing renewable materials. 

Like all our MSL-1 jeans, these are made to fit slimmer in the leg. And it should go without saying when it comes to black denim— but we are going to say it anyway—don't wash these until it's absolutely necessary, and even then, hand wash, cold water. Take care of these jeans and they will take care of you. 


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